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Eagle Flag of America
1 Pleasant St.
Cohasset, MA  02025


  United States Flag of New York

New York Date Admitted:
State Capital:  Albany 
State Motto: "Excelsior" (loftier) or "Ever Higher" 
Bird:  Bluebird
Motto"The Empire State"
Wildflower: Rose

: Nylon flags are offered in 100% heavyweight nylon, a 200 denier bunting specially treated to minimize sun and chemical deterioration. 
flags offer:

  • extremely durable

  • fast drying

  • boast brilliant colors

  • finished with strong canvas headings and large grommets.

New York Indoor flag with fringe

For Indoor and Parade use, flags are made of lustrous 100% nylon taffeta, and
finished with flannel-lined pole heading with Velcro tabs, and golden yellow fringe.

New York State Flag
Nylon 200 Denier



Add to Cart!
2' x 3' $24.60
3' x 5' $36.70
4' x 6' $82.30
5' x 8' $130.30
6' x 10' $223.70

New York State Flag
Indoor / Parade

With Pole hem and Fringe
STATE Price: Add to Cart!
3' x 5' $60.40
4' x 6' $110.10
50 State Set (3' x 5')
(4' x 6')


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